We are the people who think

Religion is not Great is created by thinkers, philosophers, doubters, sceptics. People who challenge the assertions of the scripture, the indoctrinated, the gullible, and challenge them to substantiate their beliefs.

Religion is not Great is the result of the philosophical journey of a number of people whose gift is simply to stop and think.


My wife told me how she prayed to find a car parking place at a busy shopping centre. It didn’t take much thinking to reveal the nonsense underlying that particular prayer, and it started me on a journey to reject the notion of the so-called sky-fairy, and to want to evangelise against the notion of a God.


I prayed forlornly for my mother to get better when I was 14. When she died, it started my journey of questioning the idea of prayer, and whether it was actually a communication with God, or nothing more then meditation.


My parents sent me to Sunday School, I accepted the teachings of Jesus and tried to follow his word, to love one another. I became involved in the youth group, was mentored by the minister and he encouraged me to step up and conduct the youth service one Sunday evening. Then I learnt that one of my friends had been molested by the minister and the truth dawned on me. The Church was infiltrated with evil, and that happened on God’s watch. I never went back.


Simple questions like how the gene pool was not horribly corrupted after the great flood made me disrespect the Bible as a historical record, and realise it is likely nothing more than mythology embellished over thousands of years to support a dubious proposition of a virgin birth and a special messiah.