A forum to learn about religion, to discuss it, and seek to address the fundamental question.
How do intelligent people have faith?

From Hinduism to Taoism, Islam and the multiple flavours of Christianity.
We seek to give everybody a voice, but devoid of religious doctrine. The paradoxes are exposed, the implausibilities questioned, the exaggerations shot down, the impossibilities exposed.

Topics for the Future


But Jesus was a Jew!

Militant Islam

Why is it so important to you?

Religious Diets

Is it really so important what you eat and when?

Our starting point is unambiguously based on the belief that all religion stems from a time, pre-science, when superstitions were created to explain the unknown, and Gods were attributed with powers to bestow gifts to reward worship – the magic wand model of religion.

Here are our most recent blog posts.

How do smart people have faith?

We aim to reveal the absurdity of religious faith, starting with challenging the most intelligent to reveal the source of their beliefs.

Childhood Indoctrination

Raised in a religious environment, some people just go along with it, never bothering to challenge what they have been told, and potentially afraid to rock the boat with their family.

Social Group

Worship puts you contact with nice people to spend time with. You know they have good values, what does it matter if you are paying lip-service to the articles of faith?

Good for Business

Many religious folk operate in a closed economy – they will only partner with those of the same cloth. So hey, if I have to sing along to prosper, the ends justify the means, right?

We will address the issues.

How does prayer work? (it doesn’t)

How cool would everlasting life really be?

Will I see my loved ones in Heaven?

Why my God is the Real one.

Is the Bible REALLY the Word of God?

Leviticus – the scabby cousin?

We will explore the historical development of this characteristic of religion, demonstrating how over time, the influence of God was understood to be less and less significant as science explained the hereto unknown. This is the ‘God of the Gaps’ model.

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Engage, challenge, argue. But don’t get personal, avoid vitriol, just keep it nice.